Mike shares his unique brand of stand-up slovenliness with a lovely audience in downtown Chicago.

Finally -- a perfect solution for father-son bonding. Written by: Jeff Scheen & Ryan Donahue Starring: Mike Lebovitz & Matt Bachus Directed by: Dan Saulnier Produced by: Dominic Del Russo Director of Photography: Christopher Howard Music by: Corey Sanchez Strange Behavior Podcast on iTunes:
Sleep is how we recharge our batteries. And with a real fan inside, Snooz will help you do just that. See how this modern take on the white noise machine reduces nightly disturbances so you can fall asleep and stay asleep.

Lebo interviews the citizens of Chicago while under the influence. Directed and edited by Michael Sanchez.

Such a treat to appear in a little scene with the great Brian McCann in my buddy Luke’s web series “influencer.” Also fun performances by great and hilarious pals Tommy McNamera and Carmen Legala!

Created by Luke Mones and Steve Tooke

Mike Lebovitz does the news

Got to realize my lifelong dream of playing an ESL teacher in the most seriously executed long-form booger joke of all time! Always honored to collaborate with the great Paul Thomas and Chad Wilson of Hardtryer Entertainment. Awesome performances by Paul Tinsely, CJ Sullivan, Saurin Choksi, Joette Waters, Bilal Abuzenah, Anthony Oberbeck, Destalem Berhe, Sezer Zozo, Jose Agular and more!

Unaware of American customs, a European immigrant struggles to complete the special homework assignment given to him by his English teacher. -- Written and directed by Paul Thomas Produced by Chad J. Wilson RT: 00:15:06 Hardtryer Entertainment, LLC

COPSTACHE: A 70's style buddy cop short film directed & edited by Michael Sanchez Starring Mike Lebovitz, Joe McAdam & Dan Ronan Written by Patrick Bulger & Mario de la Vega. Music by Michael Sanchez

Lebo shares his unique brand of insight on the 2016 election.

Just the briefest of comeos for Lebo in this one, but still easily the coolest thing I've ever been a part of. I'm looking' at you, family! Thanks to Alec Pinkston.